Happybeat is the nearest I can get to old-style sonics in a modern environment with purple psychedelic curtains. It has a quirky selection of gear, listed below,  and these days is pretty much a dedicated mixing and mastering suite.

It goes without saying that production is included with all recording services, and tailored individually to the needs of the project.  A choice of fine tracking rooms are available, Studer 2” 24 track and 1” 8 track analogue machines interfaced with Protools, Audient and Amek consoles, and so on.

Quotes are per project; some records can be made in a day, others take even longer!




Custom built “1956 Oscilloscope” system, by Jaid Computers: for all digital formats

Yamaha MD4 minidisc, Tascam 244, Sony 118SD, 138SD and 266 recorders, White amplification 8 channel console



Knight, 3-way, 1960’s: like the Tannoys from Pye #1, London

Magnavox 1970’s: only $2! And sound like it!


DBX 117, x 2: early 70’s compressor/expander

D’Agostino hand built opto limiters

Null-A-Tron: devilish psychoacoustic device

Omnisonix 801 imager: magic box

Alesis Microverb 3: which means there are 3 settings worth using

Pioneer SR202 Spring Reverb, 70’s: with psychedelic light


Sony electret condensers, pair, 1971

Sony stereo condenser, Sony stereo dynamic, 70’s

Philco stereo mic, 1960’s: looks like a hand grenade

Realistic stereo electret condenser, 1970’s: looks like a bug

Grampian DP4 dynamic: quintessential early 60’s British live mic

60’s pencil dynamic: made in Hong Kong

And other oddities.


Epiphone Casino, 1961

Hofner violin bass, 196 4 

Epiphone EB0 bass

Shaftesbury electric 12 string, 1970

Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, mid 70s

Numerous keyboards and synths from 1970’s to date

FET amp and cab, late ‘60s: courtesy JC Penney

Trixon drumkit 1950’s, with Premier and Ajax snares

Lots of percussion


Muson Synthesiser, 1978, ages 4 to adult

Mick Jagger Plastic Maraccas

Brad Lloyd’s Acoustic Explorer 1 science project

My Songmaker  8 Special Sound Effects

Knitted Skunk Pop Shield