Mixing is my favourite part of the recording process, whether it’s a complex fader ballet on an old analogue desk, or clicking away on a mouse. Real time performance mixes are the most fun, though they don’t come along very often any more. But digital has its positive aspects – total recall, and that soundfiles can be sent anywhere in the world.

I do lots of remote mixing, especially for indie and project studio recordings.
All formats are catered for, and I usually ask for a combination of dry and fx’d tracks and stems so none of the integrity of the original recordings is lost. Two sets of post mix tweaks are included, and I always master the track as  well.


Some Mixing Tips


Yes, the hi hat IS too loud. By about 3db.

And the lead vocal is 2db too quiet.

It’s all about levels.

Happybeat’s Fran Ashcroft is one of the UK’s leading record producers, with 30 years of recording know-how.